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Meet the Therapist



Hay-o!! My name is Britain, I am the owner and founder of Stable Instincts Equine Therapy.

 I have a large fur family that consists of my co-pilots Willa and Hamilton (dogs), a wickedly cool deaf cat named Boo and a gorgeous 2y/o Blue Roan named Rumour.


I started this journey because of my passion for horses as well as my interest in medicine. I have had the absolute privilege of working with and being around horses for over 15 years, from the love of riding grew a passion for the equine species and a love for helping them in any way I can.

By the age of 3 I was already convinced I would be a large animal vet and held that dream all through out middle school, high school and even some of my university career!! I started out by getting certified as a vet technician assistant and then immediately started university  in the pre-vet program with the degree path of Animal Health and Behaviour. When Covid hit I changed directions and went into the human health sector and became a Certified Medical Reprocessing Technician.  Afterwards I refocused on my long time passion of animals, most specifically horses.  I went back to school and became a certified advance equine sports massage therapist and certified vertebral alignment specialist.


  • ​Veterinary Technical Assistant Certification- Olds College

  • Animal Health and Behaviour Major production animal nutrition (mostly complete) - University of Alberta

    • Animal 100​

    • Animal 101

    • Animal 120

    • Animal 200

    • Animal 260

    • Animal 310

    • Animal 312

    • Animal 325

    • Animal 375

    • Animal immunology 200

    • Micrb 265

    • biochem 200

  • Care, Handling and Restraint of Farm Animals Certification- University of Alberta

  • Equine First Aid Certificate of completion- University of Alberta

  • Medical Reprocessing Technician Certification- Norquest College

  • Biohazardous 

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Certification


  • Advanced Equine Sports Massage Therapy Certification- National Rehab Institute

  • Vertebral Realignment Specialist Certification- National Rehab Institute

  • Equine Holistic Nutrition Certification -Holistic Animal Studies

  • Equine Basic First Aid Certificate of completion-Equi-Health Canada

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